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Next Dates of Service

Wed., July 17th: Hamburg – Munich
Th,. July 18th: Munich – Hamburg
Fr., July 19th: Hamburg – Verona
Fr., July 19th: Düsseldorf – Verona
Sa., July 20th: Verona – Hamburg
Sa., July 20th: Verona – Düsseldorf
Su., July 21st: Hamburg – Villach
Su., July 21st: Düsseldorf – Villach
Mo., July 22nd: Villach – Hamburg
Mo., July 22nd: Villach – Düsseldorf

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Accomodation and Facilities

Our UEX motorail trains consist of couchettes, sleeping cars, the motorail wagons of course and - on our international relations - an on-board dining car. Here you can find detailed information on the different types of wagons. (more …)

Winter program 2018/19 successfully completed

With the punctual arrival of UEX 1374 in Hamburg-Altona, the Holiday Express has successfully completed its second winter season on the morning of 24 March. On the 22 traffic days since the end of December, the UEX has taken around 4000 passengers on their winter holidays and back. The UEX winter motorail trains transported around 600 cars to and from Munich. The UEX team thanks the passengers for their confidence and says "Goodbye" - on one of our summer trains or in winter traffic 2019/20.

New in Summer 2019: Düsseldorf – Villach

The Urlaubs-Express will expand its activities at the Düsseldorf venue in 2019. The route to Villach marks the start of a second night train connection from western Germany. (more …)

UEX update: Summer program succesfully completed

With the punctual arrival of the UEX 1857 in Hamburg-Altona on 14.10.2018, the Urlaubs-Express successfully completed its second season. In total, the UEX carried more than 22,000 guests and more than 7,000 vehicles in the summer. (more…)

Vehicle loading

“Hello, how are you!” With a smile on the face our loading crew welcomes you at the loading terminal. During the check-in in the afternoon our staff provides you with all the details of the car or motorcycle transport. Loading starts round about two hours prior to departure of your Urlaubs-Express. (more…)

Jobs: Apply now!

Cologne-based Train4you Group is expanding in travel business, specialized on railway leisure and charter traffic. We own more than 70 sleeping cars and couchettes, on-board dining cars, party cars, baggage cars and motorail wagons. To enhance our team we’ re looking permanently for new staff. (more…)

Celebrate and have fun on our special party trains

While our motorail trains “Urlaubs-Express” stand for a calm and relaxed way to travel, the party trains of our partner MSM-Gruppe are of a different type. There the party starts right away after boarding the special train that runs on certain days and “sways” to its destination. (more…)